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This series of webinars is hosted by Glenis Phillips SF FIN, Designer of Financial Mappers.

These webinars are available ON DEMAND and earn CPD points.


CPD Accreditation (1-CPD Point): FPA and AFA

FINSIA will accept one of these certificates for accreditation



Webinar 02

Better Client Engagement




Follow recent research on how to improve your client engagement.  Explore new options on how to improve client engagement, while making your practice more efficient.

This webinar (below) has passed the expiry date for earning CPD points.



Webinar 01

What makes good cash flow modelling software?




Cash flow modelling software for financial planning

Watch a detailed presentation of good cash flow modelling software and then listen to Glenis Phillips discuss the essential features to look for when choosing cash flow modelling software.

See how cash flow modelling software can improve practice efficiencies by reducing planning time and increase client engagement.

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