Eliminate the Guesswork and Plan your Finances like a Pro

Enter your plans and see their outcomes in the calculated future model.

I want to reduce and manage my debt

Do you need to reduce debt to create Financial Security?

That’s Me!

When you review the budget section you will see very clearly where the easiest areas are to reduce spending while you pay down your loans, and also how much extra money you’ll have to live on after you reduce debt levels and get those loans paid out!

Experiment with loan repayments of various amounts over your chosen period of time to create a sustainable pay down plan.

I want to plan my investment portfolio

Are you an Investor who wants to make the best decisions so that you get the best returns?

That’s Me!

Use the Financial Mappers investment modelling tool to enter your future investing plans and SEE where they take you.

Start by entering your current financial position, then create a whole VIRTUAL investment plan that uses funds you decide to save from your future salary each year for the purpose of investing to build your retirement nest egg.


I want to plan my self-managed super fund investing

Do you need a tool to ramp up your SMSF Investment planning?

That’s Me!

Financial Mappers allows you to have the same capability as a professional planner to enter strategies within your SMSF and see the calculated outcomes of your plans on the future value of your SMSF.

Adjust elements of your plan and check the effects on the calculated model until your adjustments allow your objectives to be reached.

I want to plan my retirement income

Want to see how long your retirement assets will last?

That’s Me!

If you are a retiree, (or soon to be retiree) you have to work out how to set up your retirement income stream. It’s common to burn through resources too quickly – creating hardship later on, or alternatively be too frugal and not enjoy your golden years.

With Financial Mappers you can put your mind at ease by customising in detail how and when you will access funds from each of your investment assets over time.

I want to manage my debt

Are you struggling to pay your bills and too embarrassed to get help? You are not alone. This is a serious problem for many people from all walks of life. If you can’t get this problem under control, then you can’t start on the journey of wealth creation.

That’s Me!

I have a self-managed super fund

If you own one of the over 500,000 Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, chances are that you like to be in control of your finances. Financial Mappers will help you work out all the things you need to know and do. You can now have the tools to work like a professional planner.

That’s Me!

I want to manage my income in retirement

With longevity on the rise, many people will need to manage their finances in retirement for some thirty years or more. Financial Mappers lets you allocate how much you want to spend over different time periods in your retirement years.

That’s Me!

I want to manage my investment portfolio

As a financial investor, it can be very complex knowing which road to take so you reach your destination safely. Financial Mappers is designed to put you comfortably in control of your investment planning without being locked into one source of financial products or advice.

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