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Financial Mappers Pro is goals-based cash flow modelling software, which allows the client’s SMSF forecasting to be integrated into a financial plan forecast which includes all aspects of the client’s finances.

Quick Overview


This video gives a very quick fly-over of Financial Mappers Pro in action. Now you can make your plan in a fraction of traditional time, see the forecasted future, and incorporate your SOA.  It is designed to be the perfect tool for client demonstration.


This video demonstrates - for Accountants and Advisers - the powerful features of the SMSF account. Client SMSF details are entered, and forecast future outcomes can be seen immediately. The SMSF account area operates as a plan within the whole client plan that also includes their personal cash flow and non-SMSF assets.

A Detailed Look at Financial Mappers Pro


This video describes in detail how to enter a plan for a client, and generate reports that show entry and forecast details. A Statement of Advice Report can be created, and the entered plan details can be shared with Team Members or Clients.


This video describes in detail, how to create a plan which includes a Joint SMSF Account. In this example, one partner is eligible for the Spouse Contribution and Co-Contribution.  The other partner exceeds the Transfer Balance Cap at the start of the drawdown phase.

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