At last! Ground Breaking Financial Planning Software that is Right for You.


Financial Professionals can now smoothly transition to online servicing, rapid planning and much closer client engagement.

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Financial Corporations can service large numbers of clients individually and cement long term client relationships.

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As a self-directed (DIY) person you can understand, plan and manage finances to achieve your financial goals.

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Financial Mappers brings extraordinary benefits to advisers, to corporations and to individuals.

 Financial Mappers’ innovative functioning lies in the interlinking of all areas of a person’s finances and intentions. Reports show the current financial position in detail and an entire plan can be altered in moments.  Individuals can understand their finances, advisers engage with clients as never before, and corporations can assist and build relationships with large numbers of clients.


Imagine if your company could supply your clients with a unique 5-year financial planning tool.

For the first time ever, your customer could understand his or her finances, create a short-term financial plan, and analyze outcomes before undertaking action.  Once information is stored, your website becomes the client’s “GO TO” site for their finances.

Imagine how you can assist your clients with appropriate information and financial education? This is Financial Mappers Lite, where you supply your branded extremely valuable planning and financial hub to each customer.

In another major advance, Financial Mappers can deliver a bespoke product for any corporation. Your client may elect to share his or reports with you, receiving in return your segmentally targeted general advice or recommendations. Negative consequences of any actions are apparent with Financial Mappers and can be avoided.

As your corporation may now know the clients short term intentions perhaps massive AI investment is no longer necessary.  Your corporation could distribute information to a large client base almost at an individualized level.

Whether utilizing Financial Mappers Lite or a Bespoke product your company can cement relationships with clients and assist large numbers of clients individually.

Financial Professionals

As an adviser have you thought what your planning software should do to fulfil your practice needs?

Improved business efficiency would be a given.  Almost certainly you have several other requirements.

  • Do you and your team need to make your entire planning process much more efficient?
  • What if you could know all about your client and quickly develop and alter plans as circumstances change?
  • Are you able to optimize complex strategies and recommendations in front of the client?
  • Can you demonstrate everything to your client, so they understand and become more engaged with their finances?
  • Can you transition your practice online at your own pace?
  • Have you thought about how to service less affluent clients and attract new clients?

Whatever your needs – practice efficiency, client engagement, or online servicing of new and existing clients, Financial Mappers provides the solution.

We invite you watch our short videos on the website, register for a full-length video demonstration or request a free trial.

DIY: Self-directed Individuals

Most people inherently understand that they need to make a financial plan.

How to start is the difficult problem.  You could spend years reading to understand financial concepts.  You could employ a professional to do everything for you, but this still leaves you in the dark as to understanding your finances.

You could follow a set of standard rules which will set you up in a sort of fashion.   These are relatively simple and well publicized on the Internet and Personal Finance books.

They include:

  • Reduce debt
  • Spend less
  • Save and invest more
  • Work longer
  • Only borrow for sensible reasons like buying a home

You have heard these recommendations before, but how do you convert these ideas to something you can understand and implement?

What planning does, is let you make a map of how, when, and why to make any decision to achieve optimum outcome. This is not about choosing specific investments.

What if you could have access to professional level financial planning software – the same as used by financial advisers?

Even better, it comes with built in explanatory reports on your finances and the ability to explore the best options for you.



Our Financial Planning Software is a cloud based Financial Modelling Tool that calculates and reveals the numbers you need to see, in order to make your best decisions for future investing, retirement planning, or retirement cash flow management.

Your best decisions mean a high likelihood of you reaching your financial objectives.

What kinds of numbers?

Future Projections for:

  • Capital Growth, of home and investments (both inside and outside of superannuation)
  • Loan Repayment duration and annual debt servicing ratios
  • Personal Cash Flow – that is – income, living expenses, amounts allocated to investing
  • Investment asset rates of return
  • Annual investment income and expenses
  • Annual Asset Allocation percentages
  • Amounts to drawdown from investments to fund retirement lifestyle
  • . . . . . . . and more

The numbers that answer these questions:

  • How much will I need for a comfortable retirement?
  • When can I retire?
  • How much will my superannuation be worth, by the time I reach retirement age?
  • Which asset investment mix will give me the retirement income that I want?

You now have access to a crystal ball with controls on it!

Financial Planning Software

Need to create an Investing Plan?

Enter your decisions about asset purchases and sales over your chosen future time frame, then hit the button to instantly see where your decisions take your future asset values, asset allocations, loan repayments, and cash flows.

Are your Investing Goals Reached?

Keep adjusting your investing decisions until the numbers that you need show up for major goals, or retirement asset values.

Then, you know exactly what decisions to make, and actions to take – for real!

Need to do some Retirement Planning?

Enter your current and planned future investment asset decisions into the software, and then enter drawdown decisions for various time frames within your future retirement plan. Which assets will you sell, and when, and how much each year? How much income can you expect to receive from held assets each year? Hit the button and instantly see how much income these decisions generate for each future year of your retirement plan.

Are your desired lifestyle expenses each year covered by these calculated incomes?

Keep adjusting your future drawdown strategy until the numbers you need show up for income in each year of your future retirement plan.

Then, you know exactly what decisions to make, and actions to take – for real!

Are you a Self Directed (DIY) Investor who

Would you love to be able to use the kind of Financial Planning Software that only Financial Advisers have had access to in the past, to add intelligence to your decisions?

Would love to have more certainty about your investing decisions – and whether your chosen strategy really will allow you to reach your financial objectives?

Loves the idea of a structured way to test your investing decisions with a Virtual Investing Plan?

Actively manages your own Self Managed Super Fund for asset growth and would love to create future projections to show outcomes for certain investing decisions?

Financial Planner Software

Take the guesswork out of Investing and transform your investing decisions into a modelled Investing Plan. Now you have a Blueprint to follow each year!

Financial Planning Software

Clearly communicate your advice outcomes so that your client’s decisions are easy. Skyrocket the value of your advice and build lasting client relationships.

Are you a Financial Adviser who

Offers a cash flow modelling service to assist your clients decision making, and is looking for an easy and effective way of communicating the modelled outcomes to your clients?

Is frustrated with the modelling capability of your current Financial Planning Software and wants something that is quicker and easier to use?

Wants to start adding Modelling to your business service and is looking for the best way to do this?

Assists your clients to invest in their Self Managed Super Fund, or manage their SMSF drawdown plan, and wants to be able to show your forecast model to enhance their decision making and understanding of your advice ?

Are you a Finance Broker who

Has a holistic investment service offering to assist clients who are serial property investors to make the best investment borrowing decisions?

Has a focus on educating your clients to manage their loans in order to reach their long term financial goals, and is looking for a tool to make this easier?

Wants to ensure that your clients borrow sustainably and appropriately for the size of their income and personal spending?

Works with clients who are borrowing for property as part of their SMSF investing strategy?

Financial Planning Software

Add value to your service by empowering your clients to understand their entire cash flow capability, and make their decisions for their future investment borrowing

Financial Planning Software Accountants

Demonstrate how long-term tax planning can be managed to achieve maximum capital gains tax value for your client.  Tax implications for SMSF and Non-SMSF Investments are calculated separately.

Are you an Accountant who

Wants a quick option to deliver an SOA where limited advice is given?

Would love your regular tax only clients to come to meetings with a short easy to read report which clearly shows what investments strategies your clients intend to implement over the next 5-years, so you can give appropriate advice?

Is looking for software that either you or your client can use to create an “SMSF Investment Strategy” as required by ASIC?

Values being able to quickly demonstrate how their client’s SMSF is integrated into the total tax strategy – showing clearly when an SMSF owned property may need to be sold to fund the client’s pension needs?

Are you a Financial Coach who

Focuses on improving long-term financial behavior?

Facilitates clients to set and achieve financial goals largely on their own?

Helps clients practice new behaviors and monitors those behaviors over time?

Targets clients with a minimum level of financial skills and experience?

Give your clients the opportunity to practice what you are teaching them about money management.

Your business may have complex figures that clients may want to figure out.  Free financial planning software will keep your clients engaged with your website.

Do you provide free digital tools so that

You increase market share?

You add value to your service offering?

Clients experience increased transparency when using your products?


Do you sell Financial Products and want to

Keep your name in front of clients with a white-labelled product they use on a regular basis?

Gain competitive advantage by giving your clients access to valuable financial planning tools?

Expand your service offering by offering additional products??


If your clients are purchasing Financial Products, add value by giving your clients access to a 5-year financial planning tool.

If you answered “Yes!” find out more by clicking your button.


Benefits of Financial Mappers Financial Planning Software:

No more guessing whether investment strategies will work.

Make financial decisions ahead of time, and watch their calculated outcomes

Easy to read and understand graphs and reports showing the results of your input financial decisions

View your future Asset Allocation, Asset Values (including property, shares, funds, cash, and bonds) Loan Values and Retirement Values

Stress test the created model for fluctuations in interest rates, capital growth rates, inflation etc.

Your entered plan calculates a model which is a blueprint for future investing and drawdown action

Plans and their calculated models can be shared between advisers and their clients and staff, for multiple inputs

How is Financial Mappers different to other Financial Planning Software?

This is Retirement Planning Software that considers the user’s complete financial situation, including personal cash flows, as well as investment asset holdings (both inside and outside their retirement accounts).

It can be used by self-directed investors, to manage their investment and retirement planning with or without liaison with Advisers

Instant graphs and reports show on screen for fast and easy communication of the outcomes of entered financial decisions. This allows instant decision-making to adjust plan details until desired outcomes are achieved

Holistic complete scenario modelling means that changing any one plan entry detail causes the whole financial model to be recalculated and the total result outcome is shown.

Printable reports, and PDFs are generated for future reference and inclusion in Statements of Advice.












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