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The FPA has stated that the model of giving a client 100-pages of information, is too complex for the client and too expensive for the adviser.

The FPA is commencing an initiative to design a digitally delivered client interactive SOA for better client engagement and understanding.


Financial Mappers is designing such a portal and will be available for all advisers to view and comment as the project develops.


FPA Congress 2019

Financial Mappers is a partner at the FPA Congress 2019 in Melbourne.  Here we will be demonstrating our new digital interactive Statement of Advice (eSOA).  This will be designed so the same model can be used for annual reviews and will be called the eReview.


Financial Mappers client portal for client review

Watch this video to discover the extra value that is coming soon to Financial Mappers Pro!



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  1. John 4 weeks ago

    I like the idea of keeping the information much shorter. The educational content from MoneySmart ready to use will be very helpful.

  2. Kate 4 weeks ago

    This is so much easier to understand. I wish my advisor would use this. I love how easy it is to view results at various points on the timeline.

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