What is Financial Mappers?

Financial Mappers is a one-of-a-kind dynamic modelling tool.

Create your own Financial Plans and Wealth Reports by mapping your budget, expenses, investments and goals. Behind the scenes over 100,000 calculations interact to give an accurate financial roadmap previously available to financial advisors. Financial Mappers includes an educational game, the Road Map Challenge, where you can score your own wealth roadmap against your ideal wealth destination to see if you will retire in luxury, or fall short.


Financial Mappers is the hub to plan your Personal Finances.


Work with no external advertising or promotion of financial products.


Choose to work with your Financial Advisor or do it yourself.

Generate numerous wealth reports to understand how your investments interact over time.

Update and modify your Financial Plan whenever you want.

Be informed before consulting a financial advisor.

What can Financial Mappers Do?

Financial Mappers creates your

financial plan

personalised from your investment and retirement goals.


Investments and Personal Goals

This is the powerhouse of Financial Mappers. Plan your own wealth map simply by entering your investments and personal financial goals and the software automatically projects your investments forward. The asset of your Home and your Retirement Accounts are isolated from other investments so you can see how they interact separately.

Setting Personal Financial Goals let you plan for large personal milestones such as buying a
new car or setting aside savings for starting a family. Your goals are linked with your transaction accounts, so you’ll know in advance that you’ll be able achieve each milestones on the road to your financial goal.


Personal Budget and Living Expenses

Budgeting for Living Expenses is an optional activity, but an important one as it will tell you when you do not have enough funds to meet your personal expenditure.

When integrated into your Investments and Goals, this powerful feature visually demonstrates how your money is allocated. Your Salary is allocated to the Budget, with a percentage of the Salary dedicated to Savings for Goals, Investments and Homes. This allocation is also referred as the Investment Allocation. That is, the part of your salary which is transferred to the Investment Section of the plan.

Scenarios Testing

and Modelling

Financial Mappers includes a detailed set of Modelling Tools, so with a few clicks you can build complex financial scenarios to test your financial strategy. These tools give you full control to see the effect of changing the interest rates on loans, income on investments and the rate at which your growth assets change in value.

Modulated Economic Cycles

See what happens to your investments when put to the test of high and low growth scenarios. You can select a series of economic cycles, or customise your own, which can commence in any nominated year.

Historical Cycles

Think there’ll be another housing boom? Or a share market crash? Test your model against Historical Data from any date you choose. In addition, there is a selection of four 10-year Economic Cycles taken from the year 1986 to 2011.

Extensive Financial

Wealth Reports


Simply by adding your own information yourself, Financial Mappers will calculate and create an extensive Financial Wealth Report. Alternatively, create an Overview or Mini-Report of your finances to give you a snapshot of a specific part of your plan.

In addition, your Wealth Guidance Report is a ‘Plain English’ report for personal investors. It is aimed at presenting all your calculated data in a format which gives you a complete overview regardless of your financial knowledge.

This report is ideal to help guide you, and includes a list of Questions to Ask your Advisor if you feel you require further guidance on how to develop a sound financial plan.

Testing your Plan

Finally, take the Road Map Challenge to see if you’ll reach your goals! Test your skills against a virtual model which dynamically changes as you update your plan. This is the ultimate test to see if your plan stacks up and if you can retire on the income you want.

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