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One of the most valuable features is Financial Mappers will give you detailed information about your financial model. For the DIY investor, the value of just one of these reports easily outweighs a single year subscription.

Essential to view

Start your complete financial map here. In less time than it takes to create a table in a spreadsheet, you’ll have everything you wished you knew about your savings and investment strategies. Each report includes plain-english descriptions, so now its easier than ever for everyone to follow along.

Detailed Specific Summaries

What used to take endless spreadsheets and hours of work can now be downloaded in moments. Now you can drill down into specifics without any of the hassle. Reporting will be faster, searching for deeper insights easier than ever, and you’ll always feel in full control of your entire wealth strategy.

Optional Extras

Get granular with your strategic planning with the advanced modelling tools and expert year-by-year reports. In truth, just one of these reports easily justifies your whole subscription to Financial Mappers. Use them yourself to make your plan the best possible (or take these reports to your advisor and get them to do it for you).

Plan Outcomes using Modelling Tools

Test your financial plan against possible future scenarios. Make sure your finances will withstand stock market falls, natural disasters and a variety of other possible outcomes.

With Financial Mappers, the hard work is done for you. There are many Sample Plans included with every account, which are designed help you get started immediately.

Your financial planning will be so much easier now that you and your partner can build a Joint Plan. This will allow you to see who owns what and how each person contributes financially to the relationship.

With these guides at your side you’ll be able to quickly create any plan you need, whether it’s your personal map to an investment empire, choosing a retirement plan for a stress-free retirement, or do-it-yourself plan to manage your Superannuation the way you want.

The following plans will take you through the process of building plans:
For those with special needs we have these additional plans:
There are a number of accepted conventions in the construction of a financial plan. However, each investor will determine the risks and returns they consider appropriate to their needs. Therefore Financial Mappers calculates for each year a set of four statistics to evaluate your financial position.

When commencing a plan you will be asked to nominate your Benchmark Salary, which is your anticipated final salary before retirement. It is a common belief that you will require an income of 65% to 75% of your final salary to maintain a similar lifestyle. The weakness of the figure is that it does not take into account any investment capital you may intend spending. However, it does give you a guide as you whether or not you will have adequate income from investments in your retirement.

Financial Mappers calculates your return on investments, including the return on your superannuation and any other retirement accounts you hold. In addition the Real (after-inflation) return is calculated. It is generally accepted that a fund should give a Real Return of between 3.5% and 5% for someone wanting a fairly balanced fund.

In the example below, the Debt Servicing Ratio is the percentage of your after-tax income spent on repaying all loans, including any planned additional payments.


Don’t live in Australia? We have rules for the International Market as well.

If you don’t live in Australia, there is sufficient information programmed so that you can use the tax rates from other countries.

In addition, you can select the options for your pension accounts which are closest to that of your country. The Retirement Drawdown limits for both USA and Canada are included.

Tax Credits for Shares can be included using either the Australian or Canadian method, but you can personalize the rates.

For each asset account, you can decide if the income is taxed as income, or taxed at a specified rate or tax free.There are also several options for calculating Capital Gains Tax.

Financial Mappers is a dynamic calculator designed so you can quickly start your financial planning with a limited number of inputs. Over time, you can return and refine your plan as needed. So that everyone can use financial Financial Mappers, regardless of financial or technical experience, your financial plans include:
  • Use of Default Rates for interest on loans, income and capital growth for different asset classes.
  • Loan Costs can be entered as either a dollar value or a percentage of loan.
  • All values are entered in Present Value, and the Financial Mappers will index the value to future dates.
  • Check boxes allow you to quickly and easily include or exclude the information. For example you may have created a set of Retirement Incomes, but want to temporarily toggle the information off until the plan is complete.
Are you one of the vast majority whose mind goes blank when someone shows you a list of figures? Sure, there’s always a few with that special talent to absorb numbers with a passion. For the rest, there’s Financial Mappers.

As you enter your data, the program instantaneously shows the results in easy to read graphs.

Powerful features of the graph include:
  • Being zoomable so you can easily read small figures.
  • You can deactivate information you don’t want displayed.
  • Colour coordination across all your accounts for easy recognition.
  • Interactive graphs with mouse-over for additional information.
Cash Account Transaction Example

The graph is a visually representation of your plan which you will learn to read very quickly. In this example, the income changes from being reinvested in the Cash Account to being transferred to the Transaction Account from Year 20.

  • In Year 1, $10,00 is withdrawn from the Bank Account and deposited in the Cash Account.
  • In Year 5, funds were withdrawn from the Cash Account and these are deposited in the Transaction Account.
  • In Years 1 to 15, an allocation from your Salary Savings is made on a monthly basis.
  • From Year 16, the first year of the Retirement Phase, you are drawing down funds to include in your Retirement Income.


The effect of estimating for Future and Present value is an important consideration when planning for your future, and is factored in to all of Financial Mappers calculations.

For an example of Future and Present value, think about the value of $100. In the same way that what you could buy today with $100 is vastly less to what you can buy 30 yeras ago, the value of what a your retirement income today will be vastly less to what it will be in 30 years time.

Many planners use simple Internet calculators to see the value of your investments in the future. They generally calculate your investment, with interest, for 30 years if you save a set percentage of your current salary. But the information you get may not be as useful as you think.


Internet Calculator

Below is an example of an Internet Calculator. The display shows a yearly deposit of $12,000 a year, at 5% interest rate. The estimated value by the end of Year 30 is $797,266.


But there are many problems that calculator won’t solve:

  • Internet calculators do not take into account rising incomes, and thus rising savings over the 30 year period.
  • Internet calculators not take into account the effect of tax on that investment.
  • Internet calculators do not take into account the effect of inflation on the value of the savings over the 30 year period.
  • Internet calculators do let you change how much you want to save from year to year.
Financial Mappers

Using Financial Mappers, you can also include your starting salary (for example $100,000) and chose to increase the salary at the rate of inflation (2.75%). In your plan, you choose to save 12% of salary each year, which in turn earns 5%.

The above graph shows the value of the account at the end of 30 years in both Future and Present Value.

  • Future Value is $907,273
  • Present Value is $402,053.

This means that while the account may have just over $907,000, it will only purchase the equivalent of what you could buy today with $402,000!

Using Financial Mappers you can:
  • Nominate the rate at which your salary is likely to grow and save the same percentage each year.
  • Vary the salary, as you are likely to receive several promotions and real salary increases over that time.
  • Vary the percentage of your salary you wish to save over different time periods.
  • Automatically estimate your tax liabilities.
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