Travel Tips: How to keep your money safe when travelling

Travel Tips: How to keep your money safe when travelling

Travel Tips: How to keep your money safe when travelling

If you are a keen international traveller, there is nothing more spine-chilling than looking down at your bag and discovering that your wallet is missing. Especially, when you are in a crowded tourist destination and the intercom announces “Attention! Attention! Pickpockets in the building”.


Keeping both your money and your documents safe while travelling is a very important issue for anyone travelling in a foreign country. In this article, we take a look at some simple solutions for protecting your cash while travelling!

DIY inside pockets

It can be a frightening experience to lose your money in a train station, particularly when you are hustled by a group of people as you try to enter or exit a crowded train. One common solution is to wear a money belt instead of carrying a backpack. However, even a money belt can be skillfully removed while you are distracted trying to get on or off the train.

What I do, is purchase a couple of net laundry bags and then cut them to match the shape of my pant’s side pockets. I then sew the fabric onto the back of the pocket and create a second net pocket which can only be accessed by me by putting my hand down inside my trousers.

Of course, you can still keep things like small change and extra coins in your money belt or wallet to pay for small everyday expenses. But a hidden inside pocket allows you to safely carry things like credit cards, passports and large sums of money without worrying about anyone else gaining access to them.

Luggage tracking devices

Another scary scenario is when you either leave your suitcase behind at a restaurant or someone else grabs it and they are off before you even notice it is missing. Stolen luggage can be a real mood dampener when you are travelling and can often make activities difficult to enjoy, especially when you don’t have your essential items on hand (like medication, toiletries, shoes or even your favourite pair of jeans).

A luggage tracking device can help give you peace of mind when you are travelling and make it easier to reunite with your bag. Most devices can be easily recharged with a USB and are relatively cost-effective.


If a trip overseas is on your wish list, a financial planning tool (like Financial Mappers) can help you plan your budget. Reading Pete Wargent’s book ‘Get a Financial Grip’ can also assist in achieving financial freedom and all the travel you desire.


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