The Pink Hard Hat

The Pink Hard Hat


The Pink Hard Hat

A Woman’s Guide to Resilience

Louise Fitzgerald-Baker

The Pink Hard Hat authored by Louise Fitzgerald-Baker is a treasure trove of advice for women looking to close the gap between wealth and wellbeing.


The pink hat is a symbol of protection and resilience.




Louise Fitgerald-Baker is an author, public speaker, and money coach.  Her area of expertise is property development.  For those who also have an affinity with real estate, she will offer sound advice as you follow her story.


Right from the beginning of Louise’s book, I felt I had a connection with her philosophy about wellbeing and wealth.  She begins with stories of her grandmother and mother who faced financial problems but overcame those problems to be successful in their personal lives and finances.  It was these role models who gave her the vision and the resilience to take control of her life in the face of adversity.


It takes people like Louise for us to sit back and reflect on what should be our prime motivators.  In her case, the story revolves around resilience:

  • Financial resilience
  • Mental resilience
  • Physical resilience
  • Social resilience
  • Health resilience
  • Spiritual resilience to the people we love

During her life’s journey, Louise has been fortunate enough to mentor many women, some of whom showed great resilience in the face of adversity.  Their stories are sure to empower those who think they may have ‘lost their way’.


To quote Louise:


I love to educate and equip women to have the courage to lead richer lives across numerous dimensions.  Why? Because I think it gives us choices.


I think there are few women who have not had to face either personal or financial challenges at some point in their life.  This book is about how these challenges can be overcome when you are resilient.


To achieve this, the book is supported throughout the chapters with questions for you to answer.  This is a very powerful tool.  When you must write down what your challenge is and how you can overcome it, suddenly the way forward seems much clearer and achievable.


The questions are carefully crafted so that your lifestyle goals and your financial goals are aligned.  She will point out some of the traps and pitfalls that come with financial responsibility. It is not just about being wealthy.  Your personal wellbeing has equal importance.


Could you write a response to this question?


Are you comfortable with your current debt position?


If you had written down all the previous information, requested in the book, you most likely could answer the question honestly.  But more importantly, you would have the resilience to take control of your debt position if you are not comfortable with your current situation.


Simply put by Louise:


To live abundantly, you just have to spend less than you earn.


Towards the end of the book, you will find “The 10 Steps to Rebooting your Life”.  This is your road map to develop your financial and wellbeing resilience.


Ladies! I invite you to put on your “Pink Hard Hat” and join the resilience revolution.


Thank you, Louise, for sharing your wealth of information.  I have no doubt every woman who reads this book will be richer for the experience.



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