Myriad Festival Pitch: Financial Mappers in 90 Seconds

Myriad Festival Pitch: Financial Mappers in 90 Seconds

Financial Mappers in 90 seconds

At the Myriad Festival Brisbane,#Myriad2017, start-ups will be encouraged to give their 90 second pitch. This is ours.

Institutions have little knowledge of their client overall apart from their immediate connection. Advisory services are too expensive for many due to time taken to gather client information and explanation. One size fits all, automated advice does not encourage client trust.


Financial Mappers enables advisors and institutions to more fully understand and appropriately advise large numbers of clients almost on an individualised basis.


Financial Mappers provides a giant consumer usable modelling calculator which dynamically interlinks calculations of all aspects of a person’s wealth and quickly predicts financial pathways. The impact of any future financial variable or lifestyle change is immediately apparent.


With user input of data and shared modelling and reports, appropriate individualised guidance can be supplied for large numbers of clients.


Any front end can overlay our engine which sits independent and complimentary to existing software, is globally ready and has multiple potential uses.


Please contact regarding local or international licensing arrangements.


Dr David Phillips
CEO, Plencore Wealth Ltd (T/A Financial Mappers)

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