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  • Does money cause you stress?


  • Do you feel like you’re not getting ahead financially, and you should be – and you’re unsure what to do about it?


  • Do you and your partner have different ideas about how to spend or save, which causes constant friction?


  • Is financial stress starting to affect your physical or mental health?


  • Do you wonder what will possibly make a difference to your relentless financial worries?  What you can do about it?



We’re here to help, with education that can turn your life around…



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What will I learn about?

This 6 series program deals with important areas of personal finance. Each series has five to eight 3-minute video clips, delivered to your email IN BOX, daily.


Your Finances – The Basics

Lifestyle Goals and Financial Targets

Debt Management

HILDA Report – Financial Concepts

Investments – The 3-Major Types



Also included is a demonstration video of how to use Financial Mappers, which is the personal finance management and planning tool that we sell which turbo-charges your money management system.


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  • Now you CAN get ahead financially, by understanding and implementing a few vital principles of effective Money Management.


  • Now you and your partner CAN get on the SAME PAGE regarding the management and control of your finances, and wipe out the stress of being at cross purposes.


  • And you CAN enjoy more peace that comes from knowing that at last YOU ARE in control of your money, by applying a few simple concepts learned in this FREE course.









Is 3-Minutes a Day time well spent?

It is often the simple things, people don’t think about which make the difference.  For example, if you had chosen your superannuation’s best performing category when you first started work, you may have had hundreds of thousands of extra dollars in your account when you retire.


Is Money Smart Tips suitable for my children?

This is an excellent opportunity for your children from high school upwards.  Your children have time on their side, so having a basic understanding of the importance of compound interest or avoiding credit card debt will set them on the path to a bright financial future.  Families should include money management as part of everyday discussions.  This is a great opportunity to share this knowledge with your children.


In this program no personal financial advice is given, no financial products are recommended.  If it doesn’t suit you an unsubscribe from the emails at any time.

The aim of our Money Smart Tips is to equip you with basic financial concepts, giving you the opportunity to understand significant money management principles and decide how to apply those to vastly improve your current financial situation.


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