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Do you need a tool to ramp up your SMSF Investment planning?

Financial Mappers allows you to do detailed SMSF Investment Planning separately to any other investment planning external to your Retirement Accounts (Superannuation).

You have the same capability as a professional planner to enter strategies within your SMSF and see the calculated outcomes of your plans on the future value of your SMSF, allowing you to adjust elements until your objectives are reached.



Now you can create Investment Strategies for each stage of your life.

With the power of detailed modelling in Financial Mappers, you can enter investment choices for all your assets that match the risk and return you want to achieve for each stage of your life.  A Financial Mappers plan can be for the accumulation phase (called Savings/Investment phase), or the retirement phase, or both (called a Lifetime plan). Your SMSF investing can vary with your objectives throughout the years of the plan, which can be up to 30 years duration.

The SMSF Investment Planning section of Financial Mappers is an integrated account area that separates your cash,  equity, and property investments in separate sub-accounts.


Produce your Required Investment Plan using graphs from your SMSF Investment Plan.

Each year you are required by superannuation legislation to document an Investment Plan for your SMSF. Financial Mappers gives you the ability to create detailed plans that achieve your objectives, and in addition to this, the calculations are compiled into reports. It is a simple matter to download report graphs and enter them into your required Investment Plan Document.


Do your own professional SMSF Investment Planning with Financial Mappers.


Check that results of detailed strategy modelling match your goals!

SMSF Investment Plannning

One hub to plan all your SMSF asset activities

The Financial Mappers SMSF hub is separate, and also integrated into your whole Financial Mappers plan.

The SMSF account is a distinct area within your whole Financial Mappers Plan, which is reported separately. It is also fully integrated into the rest of your Financial Mappers Plan, so that you see the complete picture of your wealth throughout the forecast model. Included in this complete picture is your personal income and expenditure, savings for special goals, home acquisition, and the plans for all your other investments held outside your SMSF.

Complete a layered allocation of your retirement income on a year by year basis.

Choose the annual amounts you intend to drawdown from your SMSF in retirement and Financial Mappers will automatically adjust the calculations to ensure the regulated drawdown amounts are met. When you want to redistribute your funds between the asset types within your SMSF, all of your expenses will combine together and graphs report on your total asset allocation.

Quantify the effect of a sudden fall in real estate or equity accounts, such as the GFC.

It is now a simple process to apply ‘Risk Sequencing’ using the Capital Growth Modulator in the Modelling Tools section, to simulate a 40% to 50% fall in your SMSF accounts. This modulator allows you to nominate different risks for either real estate or equity based products and determine what effect these may have on the future cash flows of your superannuation fund.

Complex calculations simplified into easy-to-read reports


Your SMSF Asset Allocation for each year of your Plan is calculated and reported.

Financial Mappers shows your entered SMSF asset allocation for each year of your plan. This description is also converted to a column graph which displays your  Investment Profile for each year of the plan. In addition, Financial Mappers calculates your returns on each asset class of the SMSF.

How do you work out at which point in your lifetime you will sell your property?

To understand your retirement drawdown capability, Financial Mappers indicates when you do not have sufficient income or other liquid assets to fund your asset drawdown from your SMSF. Thus you can determine at which future point in time you will need to sell property assets to provide your required income.

SMSF Investing Plan for Retirement

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