I want to plan and manage my investments

I want to

manage and plan my investing future .




Are you an Investor who wants to make the best decisions so that you get the best returns?


Use the Financial Mappers investment modelling tool to enter your future investing plans and SEE where they take you.  You no longer need to fly blind.

Start by entering your current financial position, then create a VIRTUAL investment plan that uses funds allocated from your future salary each year for the purpose of investing, to build your retirement nest egg.  Adjust it until you love the forecasted outcomes.


Financial Mappers gives you the Numbers you Need.

Adjust future figures for lifestyle spending to ensure you enjoy the journey while you allocate future figures for investing.  Use the forecasting power of Financial Mappers investment modelling to see where your investing could take you.   This creates a model you can use to follow in real life, to reach your desired financial security and wealth destinations.

Because you can enter your complete situation, you get a complete model of the future, with calculations of capital growth, and future yields, depending on the rates of interest and growth specified in your planning.


We describe this process as. . . . . . .

Having a Crystal Ball with Controls on it!

investment modelling

Create multiple investment plans and generate Wealth Guidance Reports.


There are numerous reports showing the model that is calculated from your entered plan information.  The Wealth Guidance Report gives you questions to ask your Adviser, so that you can have informed and intelligent conversations withthem.

Use various ‘What If’ scenarios with modulator tools that change interest rates on loans, income and capital growth for nominated future time periods. In addition you can test your model using applied historical rates (interest and returns) and previous economic cycles. Past performance is never a good indicator of future performance, however it’s wise to stress test any future plan.

Comprehensive Holistic Forecasting Calculations


Financial Mappers is built for the investor, so your home,  superannuation and other investments assets are each reported separately for easier future wealth forecasting. Enter all current and planned cash accounts, term deposits, bonds, share portfolios, managed funds, superannuation accounts and real estate.  At the click of a button future forecasts for up to 30 years are shown on the screen, and included in reports that can be saved as PDFs or printed.

Allocate which investments are to be used to support you in retirement.

Create a detailed retirement income plan.  Determine which of your assets will produce income, or be sold at certain times, to provide your desired annual retirement income. Adjust the numbers until you have a workable plan for the periodic sale of shares or property, and the maintenance of a cash account.

Manage your tax liabilities.

This is something which is never provided with Internet Calculators. While no calculator can ever give anything but the broad brush strokes of tax liabilities, the Tax Estimator Report will calculate likely annual tax liabilities or refunds, which are  fed back into your Investment Transaction Account (the calculated cash flow hub of your virtual investing).

investment modelling
investment modelling

Your Investing Model Dashboard.


Move the slider and watch the changes in values of your home, loans, superannuation, other investments and more!

Find out more about the Plan Dashboard here.

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