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Powerful software for your serial property investor clients

Does trying to reach new clients feel like you are constantly fighting your way through the crowd?

Mortgage Brokers! How to have your clients come
back to YOU for new lending – every single time.

Stand out from your competition with this revolutionary tool


Are your business profits being driven down by the time, money and effort you have to spend on getting new leads?

Are you actively searching for a way to engage and remain front-of-mind for your existing clients; something that gives them a reason to always come back to you for any new lending?

Do you get frustrated with the amount of time it takes to get a clear picture about your new clients’ complete financial situation? (And you know how important this is, to look after their best interests.)

Have recent reviews by ASIC regarding broker remuneration got you worried? Are you wondering how you could move to a fee for service structure if you had to?

Would you love to find a way to always be certain of meeting the National Credit Act Responsible Lending conduct obligations? This means knowing for sure that a proposed loan will meet your client’s objectives and servicing ability without any undue hardship for them.

Would you love to get even more (free) referrals from your existing clients, which would save you money and effort while building your business?

Now you can leap out, of that crowd and become a client magnet!!

Fast track your mortgage broking business success by using the power of holistic financial modelling.

Here’s How

Financial Mappers

Financial Mappers PRO is Personal Finance Modelling Software that allows you and your client to collaboratively create “virtual“ home and investment property purchasing plans, and see the forecasted future generated by those plans

Financial Mappers

Your clients can get REAL about their ability to service their loans.

The lenders have their own assessments they’ll apply to your client’s capacity to service any new loan, and
with Financial Mappers, you and your client can perform your own calculations prior to loan applications.


You have two options with this:


1. Enter into the Financial Mappers software, the personal spending as a proportion of income criteria that
the lender will apply to their serviceability calculator. You can gauge whether this looks like a reasonable estimate (how close it is to your client’s real situation) to use for your loan submission.


2. Have your client enter their real personal spending numbers into the software, and generate a complete
personal cash-flow analysis. This will show their REAL capacity to service new loans, which means you
are fulfilling your best interests duty as a credit adviser.


You and your client can adjust various elements of their purchasing plan in Financial Mappers, to experiment with what it would take for their borrowing plan to really work. These include elements such as income levels, personal spending forecasts, and the annual amount they are going to allocate to investing (which includes property loan payments).

You and your clients are working to a LONG TERM PLAN

Financial Mappers forecasted models are COMPLETE multi-year forecasts of your client’s ENTIRE future asset and liability values and cash flows, as a result of all entered property purchase and sale decisions.

When the entered investing plan is adjusted so that the modelled future is what the client wants, the action steps to take each year are clearly reported. This makes it straightforward and easy for your clients to actually execute their plan.


This serves as a blueprint for you and your client to work together to implement over the years. This is the SECRET SAUCE for client retention: you are working on a long term multi-property-purchasing plan with them. It gives you a reason to keep in touch, and see how they are tracking with their plan, especially at the times approaching when they intend to buy or sell property.


This cloud-based modelling software runs on all devices, and requires no connection to actual bank or loan accounts. The information entry about your client’s current financial position is simple and the forecasting calculations are performed when you hit the enter button.

Financial Mappers Pro Connect Financial Software

You decide just HOW to collaborate with your clients

You may wish to simply work with your clients in front of your Financial Mappers software on your screen (either in the same physical space, on via online conferencing).


Or, for your more tech-savvy, self-directed clients you can use our PROCONNECT feature. With PROCONNECT or  PROCONNECT_Lite , models can be shared back and forth between you and your client using a controlled pathway within the software so that you can each contribute your ideas and fine tuning to the overall strategy.

This allows your tech-savvy clients to get very specific about their strategy, and have informed conversations with you about it.

Compare loan alternatives quickly and easily….

Use the side-by-side loan Total Loan Outlay calculator to compare the various lending options you are considering for your client.

This empowers smart decision making about the most suitable loan for your client’s objectives.

Detailed Loan Reporting.

In addition to the instant on-screen reports that show up when you enter borrowing scenarios into a Financial Mappers plan, you can also produce result reports as PDFs to save and show your clients.

These show many aspects of their planned borrowing scenario over several years of their intended property purchasing plan. This allows you and your client to have a detailed look at how their personal cash-flow will be affected over the reported time period of their loans.

Your clients get a very clear picture of whether this proposed scenario is going to be suitable for them.

Click this PDF image to discover the Features and Benefits of Financial Mappers

Imagine. . . . .

  • Having a single source of accurate information about your client’s financial situation – that your clients maintain…..

When needing to refinance or get new lending, your tech-savvy clients who use Financial Mappers PROCONNECT, or  PROCONNECT_Lite  can update their complete current financial situation in their own Financial Mappers account, and send you a copy of this within the software.

Or – you enter or update your clients’ details into the Financial Mappers Pro client account that you manage on their behalf. This can be done during a meeting (physical or online), or from forms you’ve had them fill in.

Now you and your client have the ability to test their desired borrowing, and see whether it is sustainable given the position they are starting from. This means you can check personal cash flows as well as investing cash flows and make sure everything remains “in the black”.

  • Assisting your clients to select the loan type, and the features that will best suit their situation.

Your client wants a new home or new investment property, so they need a new loan. They don’t know much about the different types and features, so they don’t really know what they want except that it needs to be cheap!

But you know there’s more to the decision than that. With Financial Mappers you can show them the various lending alternatives and mention the pros and cons of each. You can see the effects of each different choice on their future financial situation by entering each, and viewing the modelled outcome instantly on the screen. .

Together you can both arrive at a choice that covers off on everything that matters to them.

  • Being the hero who helps your clients formulate a long term property purchasing plan.

Help your clients who are serial property investors, or serial home upgraders, to develop a long range borrowing strategy. The future forecasting capability of Financial Mappers allows for up to 30 years of forward planning. You and your client can invest “virtually” in the software, starting from their current financial situation.

Experiment using the software together with your client and see how many years before they can afford to upgrade their home, or purchase a new investment property.


You can vary all kinds of factors such as personal cash-flow (income or spending levels), investing cash-flow (rental returns, property improvements etc.), capital growth rates, and of course, interest rates.

Once you have a long term plan that is reasonable, with all projected cash-flows “in the black”, you have a model to make happen in real life.

This is how Financial Mappers gives you the numbers you need to help your clients make the best decisions. This means that you’ll know when to get in touch with your client to see how closely they are following the modelled plan, and whether they need that refinance or additional lending yet.

  • Helping your clients manage their budget, get their spending under control and reduce consumer debt.

If you’re a broker who offers debt management services, the personal cash-flow section of Financial Mappers will be where you can spend time with your clients, to help them with their budget and loan reduction strategy.

Financial Mappers does not connect to actual bank or loan accounts. It allows you or your client to enter a detailed budget (description of their proposed spending), and with autofill capability and built-in inflation handling, a multi-year budget is quickly produced.

Financial Advisor Software

Personal loans (and credit cards) and the plans to pay them out are entered into the system, as well as any plans to allocate funds for property loan repayments. The budget items, and loan payment schedules can then all be adjusted and varied, until there is a scenario your client can agree with, then use as a guide for execution.

License Features

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Software interface customized with your Business BrandingTick IconTick Icon
Your branded version of the software has your default rates (inflation, interest, returns etc) applied.Tick IconTick Icon
Customized Reports can be created for exclusive use of your businessTick IconTick Icon
Advisers can share client plans with paraplanners within the software, for combined plan developmentTick IconTick Icon
Training – provided by online recorded materials,Tick IconTick Icon
Advisers can invite clients (and prospective clients) to use their own business branded Financial Mappers account, and share plans within the software.Tick Icon

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