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Financial Mappers Pro

 A More Detailed Look





This presentation is about how entry of the client's the Starting Financial Position works in Financial Mappers Pro. The data may be entered manually or imported as a CSV file or using a Bridging App that extracts the details from other software.


This presentation describes how to make the plan entries required, and then use the Insurance Needs Evaluation Report to assess whether your client's current personal insurances are adequate, or need adjustment.


Discover how to report on projected asset allocations and determine your client's investor risk profile as calculated by the percentage of growth assets in their portfolio.


Discover how to use the Modelling Tools feature in Financial Mappers Pro. These tools relate to historical data or economic cycles. The Income Modulator, Capital Growth Modulator and Loan Modulator allow you to set your "What If" scenarios and apply them to the plan you have entered.



See how the powerful Financial Mappers Pro Report Builder works so that you can create whatever reports you want. These reports can be made visible to the client or kept for adviser use only. A Statement of Advice Report can also be designed.








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