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This video gives a very quick fly-over of Financial Mappers Pro in action.  Now you can make a plan in a fraction of the traditional time.


This video demonstrates the powerful features of the Financial Mappers SMSF account for Accountants and Advisers.  The SMSF account operates like a plan within the whole client plan that also includes their personal cash flow and non-SMSF assets.




Increase client engagement during Advice or Review by giving your clients online access to their reports in a rich multi-media format via our Client Review Gateway.



Use these additional reports generated from your eSOA, to communicate your plan clearly to your client.

The Changing Face of Financial Advice

A synopsis of the research by Glenis Phillips

This synopsis presents seven recent reports which will help you understand how to prepare and prosper with the tsunami of changes which are going to change the face of your practice forever.


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Full Service advice is unaffordable for most, and scaled advice won’t be economic for the adviser with the traditional structured practice.

The new adviser should become a coach and source of reassurance for clients, assisting them to achieve their individual goals.

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client shared cash flow modelling software brings efficiency to tax and SMSF accountants

Be time efficient by having your client present with reports detailing all their finances, cash flows and future investments over the next 5-years.

You could instantly spot where your tax and general advice would help your client.

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Financial Planning Software for Accountants - shared cashflow modelling

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Mortgage Brokers should be relieved that the Government will not implement a key recommendation of the Hayne royal commission to ban trailing commissions from 2020.

The government wants to see the effect of other measures it has announced.  These include a legal obligation on mortgage brokers to act in the best interests of customers.

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Mortgage Brokers client engagement

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Financial Planning Software - How Excel users can seamlessly transition to an advanced advisory practice

To meet modern client demands, you know you can’t hang on to old faithful Excel forever.

With Financial Mappers Pro you can be up to speed with advanced modelling software in a day.

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Financial Planning Software - how Excel users can seamlessly transition to an advianced advisory practice

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Financial Planning Software - Allowing on-line Financial Advice

Until now there has not been the ability to offer scaled financial advice to the mass market.  Robo advisers show that generic investment placement with automatic portfolio optimization suits many.

Automation is not only inexpensive investing for the masses, but provides easy on-line accessibility, demonstration and result monitoring.

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Financial Planning Software - On-line financial advice to the mass market

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