Easy SMSF Strategy Mapping with Financial Mappers

Easy SMSF Strategy Mapping with Financial Mappers

Easy SMSF Strategy Mapping with Financial Mappers

Managing your own super fund can be a time consuming and stressful task.


What’s the easiest way to monitor your investment strategy? What do all of your complex financial calculations actually mean? And what should you do with all of your piling-up paperwork? With Financial Mappers’ SMSF tools, you can easily make the right financial decisions.

Clearly see the risks

One of the most unnerving things about managing your own super fund is the possibility of a sudden fall in your investment assets, such as a downturn in real estate or another global financial crisis. How would your super fund fare if the unexpected happened? With our Capital Growth Modulator it’s easy to apply a 40-50% fall in your investment accounts and see what effect that might have on your retirement.


Financial Mappers is an interactive way for consumers to improve their financial skills and understanding at their own pace. This is a substantial document which presents the details your total plan, including superannuation for up to thirty years. The asset allocation will show what percentage of your investments lie within your SMSF and it will give you a return on all your investments including superannuation

The Wealth Guidance Report comes with a list of ‘Questions to Ask your Advisor’. Taking your report with you next time you consult with your accountant or advisor may be very helpful and save time for both of you.

Helpful graphs

One of the benefits of using Financial Mappers to manage your SMSF is that we can equip you with a complete financial overview in easy-to-read graphs. Analysing financial data can be confusing and boring, but with our colour-coded, cleanly designed graphs and diagrams you can easily figure out how your finances are tracking and predict how they might look in 10-20 years. You can also download these graphs and enter them in your statement, or take them with you when you visit your SMSF advisor, which may mean lower audit costs. Bonus!

Want to learn more about Financial Mappers? Check out our videos for examples of how to use Financial Mappers:
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Disclaimer: Financial Mappers does not have an Australian Financial Services License, does not offer financial planning advice and does not recommend financial products.

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