Bullet Proof Investing

Bullet Proof Investing

 Bullet Proof Investing

Gaining Financial Control in Uncertain Times

It is rare to find an author as young as James Fitzgerald, who can write from a wealth of personal experience in his field of expertise – investing in real estate.


Bullet Proof Investing was motivated by the tragic and unexpected death of his father from whom he was able to learn, not only from his father’s many successes but also his failures.  His passion to motivate young people to take control of their finances is an inspiration to all.


James, like myself, is concerned about the poor state of the nation’s ability to manage their money effectively and without anxiety.  He lays out the appalling state of the nation:


  • One in two Australians could not handle a temporary loss of income
  • One to two Australians live payday to payday
  • One in three Australians spend more than they earn each month
  • One in three Australians could not find $500 for an emergency


Personal finance is cited as the biggest cause of stress for one in two Australians. Research indicates there is a clear link between debt and suicide.


The truth is that all of the above could be avoided by setting clear boundaries around the allocation of one’s earnings each week.  Something as simple as having a percentage of one’s salary, allocated to savings and investments before any other expense, would resolve most of the money problems everyday Australians face.


Connecting and motivating young people to be proactive when it comes to money management will always be a challenge. I believe that James’ book Bullet Proof Investing is a perfect choice.

Bullet Proof Investing


James should be every young person’s role model.  In just ten short years, starting at the age of twenty, James now owns his own home and five investment properties.


While there are many personal finance books with authors like Noel Whittaker and Scott Pape, leading the pack, these books tend to be very broad and offer a lot of choices to the investor.


Young people today, have limited time and they want instant answers. 


Bullet Proof Investing takes one single choice, investing in real estate.  This book will take the reader on a journey of the Why, Where, and How of investing.  His methodology has been proven over several generations of investors.


Those who follow this detailed explanation of what one must do to be financially secure will be well rewarded.


They are most likely to be in the top 2% of the population who are considered financially independent.


After the launch of his book, James was interviewed on ABC Breakfast TV.  Why not hear from him directly his advice on investing?


James is on a mission to help young people get started on their journey to a life of fulfillment where the anxieties caused through lack of money management skills are removed.  This book will demonstrate to them how to gain financial control in uncertain times.


With graduations and Christmas on the horizon, Bullet Proof Investing is the perfect gift.



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I am a founding board member of Plencore Wealth Ltd and Plencore Online Pty Ltd. I am the designer of the product Financial Mappers and Financial Mappers PRO, cloud based modelling software for Personal Finance. This software is sold on the web site www.financialmappers.com.au.I am an educator, investor and expert in both personal finance and mathematical modelling and the author of 'Map Your Finances'.I have both a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investments and a Diploma in Financial Advising from the Securities Institute of Australia. I also have a Financial Analysis Certificate, by Distance Learning from University of Technology, Sydney. I am a Senior Fellow and Senior Mentor of FINSIA.


  1. Bernie Francese 8 months ago

    Extremely motivating, Very Emotional and sincere reading.
    A true inspiration for those seeking financial freedom.
    Excellent Presentation
    Well Done!

  2. B. Bush 8 months ago

    Remarkably simple and easy ways to make a difference financially. It just shows that it doesn’t have t be difficult to have financial freedom.
    Written with conviction, emotion and total honesty and vulnerability.
    A great read for any one needing help on the way to less stress and financial worry.
    Well worth the read, totally worth the actions.

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