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SMSF Cash Flow Modelling for Accountants


Generate your SOA and SMSF Investment Strategy Report

Accountants! Are your clients so busy running their businesses that they won’t listen to your advice about their personal finances? 

How to inspire business owners to set up and grow their SMSFs as enthusiastically as they manage their business.  

The revolutionary modelling tool that allows you to test strategies and advise your clients.


Do you need Financial Planning Software that doesn’t cost a fortune, and allows you to create a Statement of Advice in accordance with the Limited AFS License you now require?


Are you frustrated with clients who are so absorbed in their businesses, that their personal financial management is a mess.  (They don’t control where they are spending from, for what, and tax time is a nightmare.)


Financial Planning Software Accountants

Do you have clients who are business owners, who don’t understand the importance of contributing to superannuation regularly (because they figure their business is their superannuation).


Does it drive you nuts to see your clients with SMSFs managing their SMSF assets poorly, and wasting opportunities to grow their SMSF account balance.

Financial Planning Software Accountants

Do you want to inspire your business-owning clients to be more proactive to not only organise and grow their business finances, but also to organise and grow their personal wealth?


Are you looking for a way to assist your clients to make great decisions about their SMSF contributions and asset management?


Need to get more word of mouth referrals to your services, from happy clients who rave about how much better you are than other accountants, at showing them just how to plan for the future?

Your clients will stop and take notice, because they can now SEE what you’re recommending for their secure retirement, with the power of holistic Financial Forecasting. . . . .  

Financial Mappers

Financial Mappers PRO is Personal Finance Modelling Software that allows you to create “virtual“ investing and retirement income models, in order to see the forecasted future.

Financial Mappers

The optional PROCONNECT extension allows you and your tech-savvy self-directed clients to collaborate with you within the software.

Our Point of Difference


Other modelling tools model single scenarios, such as “how fast can you pay down this loan” or “what will this asset be worth in 10 years’ time”.


Financial Mappers models are COMPLETE multi-year forecasts of your client’s ENTIRE future asset and liability values and cash flows, as a result of all entered buy/sell decisions.

Financial Advisor Software

Where else can you firstly enter the desired endgame of your advice for your client, and then at the click of a button, test whether your strategic plan is likely to really reach your client’s objectives?


Then, when you have a plan outcome that DOES match your client’s objectives, you can generate a Statement of Advice that includes all the plan details, and modelled outcomes.

Financial Mappers Investment Objectives


This cloud-based modelling software runs on all devices, and requires no connection to actual bank or loan accounts. The initial information entry about your client’s current financial position is simple and the comprehensive model calculations are performed when you hit the enter button.

Financial Mappers Pro Financial Software


Enter your client’s current financial situation, their goals and your strategy to achieve them. Vary the elements of that strategy as many times as you like, using multiple models if you want to compare each of them.

Do your modelling independently, and include the results in your SOA, or, you may wish to collaborate with your client and have them review the model with you as you create it, either in your office, or via and online meeting with screen sharing capabilities.

Financial Mappers Pro Connect Financial Software


You can invite client collaboration by shared usage of the software via the optional ProCONNECT  or ProCONNECT _Lite features.

Plans and their models can be shared back and forth between you and your client, using a controlled pathway. You can each contribute your ideas and fine tune the overall strategy together.

This allows your self-directed and tech-savvy clients to get involved with the fine details of their plan, and have more informed conversations with you about it.

Discover the Features and Benefits of Financial Mappers Pro.

Click the image below for a detailed description of Financial Mappers Features.


Imagine. . . . .

  • Your business-owning clients getting excited about their Retirement Accounts!

Your SMSF clients can see the modelled outcomes of tipping funds into their SMSF every year immediately on the screen, and engage in the conversation with you about of where/how to invest their SMSF funds to best achieve their retirement objectives.

You then have informed and detailed conversations with your clients and discuss their asset allocations within , and maybe even outside their SMSF.  You model and test  the outcomes of various possibilities with your client either watching, or contributing to the process with their own Financial Mappers account.  Together you arrive at a solid plan for their investing.

Financial Planning Software Accountants

  • Helping your clients get their personal finances organized.

In addition to assisting their business management and finances, you can now assist your clients to be more intentional and organized with their personal finances, as a precursor to investing.

This is because you can show them a possible future that can be created by allocating funds regularly to investing – both inside and outside their retirement (superannuation) accounts.

You run a webinar in which you show clients how to use the budgeting feature of Financial Mappers, to plan personal spending for several years into the future.  You show them how they can plan for a great lifestyle AND allocate money for investing.  You start getting loads of emails from your clients about using Financial Mappers (via ProCONNECT or ProCONNECT_Lite, which means they have their own software account and can share result reports with you).

Financial Advisor Software

License Features


Financial Mappers Pro Logo
Software interface customized with your Business BrandingTick IconTick Icon
Your branded version of the software has your default rates (inflation, interest, returns etc) applied.Tick IconTick Icon
Customized Reports can be created for exclusive use of your businessTick IconTick Icon
Advisers can share client plans with paraplanners within the software, for combined plan developmentTick IconTick Icon
Training – provided by online recorded materials,Tick IconTick Icon
Advisers can invite clients (and prospective clients) to use their own business branded Financial Mappers account, and share plans within the software.Tick Icon

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